Hi All,

I'm more or less looking for an open-source Street Team script. For those unfamiliar with the term, Street Teams are most common in the music industry for bands who need their fans to promote their shows for them. Along the same vein as an affiliate program.

What I need the script to do: Allow a user to sign up and gain access to graphics (banner ads, etc.). The user then takes the graphics and adds them to their website, MySpace, etc. For each user they refer, they earn a "credit", I'm able to view a list of all the users and and their credits in an admin area. Users will also be able to view how many credits they have earned themselves. Eventually I'll award prizes to the highest earners, but that would be outside of the script.

Anyone know if a script is available to do this? Open-source PHP/MySQL is much preferred. Some sort of affiliate management script might work, but I've searched around and come up empty-handed.

Thanks in advance.