Again, with the design of a new website, I am forced to deal with IE goofups.

I recently bought a template to do this newest design, and I was very disappointed to find that it used tables to layout the site rather than CSS which I have recently been excited about using, but I like the design and I paid for it so I must use tables.

But this page is giving me a number of problems. It looks exactly like I want it to in Firefox, but sucks in IE:

1- IE adds some space between each of the link items in the sidebar.
2- The Search section spreads itself over two lines.
3- There is a random green line under the heading and I have no idea why!
4-The flash navigation requires you to click on it everytime you want to use it. (I think this is some type of security issue built into IE)

BTW I use IE7. I havent been able to test it in earlier versions yet.

Any help would be fantastic. Thanks.