Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to use the HTML preformat tags in a JTextPane using the the HTMLDocument class.

This is the function where i apply the preformating

public void preformat(String str6)
SimpleAttributeSet sas1 = new SimpleAttributeSet();
sas1.addAttribute(HTML.Tag.PRE, str6);
//apply the attribute to the selected text
//This part is correct so i will not list it
//as i am more concerned of the above two lines
Now i am able to save the preformated text as HTML but the the problem starts when i read it back, there seems to be additional 2 carriage returns where there should only be one.
This occurs only when i read the HTML document using the html kit class but when i use a browser to read the html file there are no extra carriage returns.

The reading of the document is correct as this problem only occurs when the preformat tags are involved, else the problem does not exist at all.

This is how the reading of the document is done

htmlkit.read(in, htmldoc, 0);
ss = htmldoc.getStyleSheet();
As you can see its unlikely anything is wrong with it but do correct me if i am wrong.

My question is why do these extra carriage returns occur?

Am i applying the preformat tags wrongly somehow?

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thank You

Yours Sincerely

Richard West