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    Customer Wants to Scrap Project Possibly Shopping Cart


    Not looking for legal advise, just your experience or suggestions.

    My typical client process.
    I have a 8 page contract, go over it with the biz owner in detail, make sure they understand and we both sign.

    Owner paid 1/2 of project as part of contract. I work with his PM for the 2 months of the project and cc email owner on everything.

    I then speak to owner on phone to see how things are going. he says he has thought about scrapping project many times.

    Owner says if he did not have pm then how the heck would things have gotten done. I say you would have hired me to ie; buy and install ssl cert, configure email client with new hosting provider, they had to move as their current host was not compantible with the shopping cart. (this was discussed before any contract was signed). After moving the host the PM thought email clients for outgoing smtp need to be configured with the web host. He has no clue about using the ISP and this caused them not to send emails for a few hours causing them problems. Also, since the cart was not compatible with their current hosting provider i emailed them what the cart recommend were qulaitified hosts and they chose a hosting provider that only had email support not phone which of course the owner complained about after the fact. Of course they had plenty of time to decide what web host they wanted before signing the contract.

    Owner says if he knew how much work it was to get the cart he would have never done it. He had no clue he had to write a description for every product you put in the cart and he is the only one who can write them, can't tell his pm to do it. Owner says he is not mad with me but he and mainly his pm has put so many hours into this cart he has no choice but to move forward. Says he would get back to me on the status and have not heard back from him

    Bottom line I was hired to integrate the look and feel of the template based pre built cart with their existing design as well included training on how to use the cart which they never they never called me to do this. During the two plus months of the project the pm has had plenty of time to start inputting products into a dummy site I created for them and did not until i got their real cart up and running. I also told owner that the PM has made it very difficult to work with me (PM is clueless) and the owner did not defend his pm or disagree with me on this. I sent customer final bill to pay final payment a short time ago.

    I guess lesson learned. When Owner at contract signing meeting leaves and has his pm go over the contract and when it's not working out with the pm stop the project and or don't sign until the owner sits down and agrees he understands everything involved instead of finding out last minute that he has to get involved and do work that he did not know he had to do as he says.

    it's late so if it does not make sense. sorry.

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    I assume you are waiting on the other 50%?
    Maybe since the owner had better things to do that spend time with what he is buying, he'll have time to pay you off. I think you should ask for the money or attempt to set a date when you will be paid regardless of the level of completion.


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