Hi guys!

I've Googled for hours but just can't find a tell-a-friend script that does everything I want it to and still be simple enough for me to use. (For example the one at gentlesource.com is too complicated. I get confused because of their .tpl files. I have already designed a layout of my own and just need to add some code there.)

This is what I need:

* When the "submit" button is pressed all fields should get validated by AJAX or JavaScript(?). I want the errors to be display above, beside or below the form field. No new pages or pop-ups.

* After the message has been sent I don't want the visitor to end up on another page. I want to display the same page and the same form. But there should be some kind of confirmation above the form. For example: "Your message to X has been sent."

* It would be nice if I could receive a notification whenever someone uses the form. But this is not important as long as everything else works.

* No MySQL needed.

* It would also be nice if the script could prevent spamming and abuse in some way.

Do you know where I can find a script like this?