Dear all,

I have a little problem im using javascript to open a new window in IE6 and IE7

This is the function...

function safn_runQuery(qid)

w ="sa_controller.asp?action=runquery&ID=" + qid + "&browser="+_getBrowser(), "RunQuery" + qid, "toolbar=yes,resizable=yes,height=400,width=640");//!!LIFheight=350,width=640");



now this function works and displays all the information correctly in IE6 but when a user is using IE7 not all information is displayed, because the height is not big enough. If i increase the height to ie 400 it displays everythin in IE7 but in IE6 it displays all the information but leaves spaces at the botton of the page...

does any1 no how i can solve detect which browser the user is using then set the correct height depending on the browser???

I beleive the "height" is reference to the window area not the display area of a browser??

many thanks in advance.