For most of the pages I create the main content is a table or a set of links - there'll be a header with the logo and page name, a footer with links and dates, etc, and the body of the page will be a brief paragraph explaining the table and then a huge table. I've just counted one and it's over 3000 rows. The pages with links aren't as bad as that, but they're still pretty big.

With something like this it's difficult to find information - a table filling the whole screen and a really small scroll bar because there's so much off-screen isn't an appealling thing to look at.

I've been trying to improve the readability of this sort of page - changing fonts, colours, and padding helps but I need to rethink how the page should be laid out. One thing to try is breaking the data into smaller tables, and having more pages - then I'll have to have page numbers, and cope with users who complain that the data isn't there because it's not on the first page.

Any suggestions?