I was looking for a cross browser marquee until i found this script.
and i want to change direction of text motion to "left to right".
can you help me?

here is the script:
HTML Code:
<script language="javascript">
var tWidth='560px';                  // width (in pixels)
var tHeight='20px';                  // height (in pixels)
var tcolour='#ffffff';               // background colour:
var moStop=true;                     // pause on mouseover (true or false)
var fontfamily = 'tahoma,sans-serif'; // font for content
var tSpeed=3;                        // scroll speed (1 = slow, 5 = fast)
var content='THIS IS THE MESSAGE';
var cps=tSpeed; var aw, mq; var fsz = parseInt(tHeight) - 4; function startticker(){if (document.getElementById) {var tick = '<div style="position:relative;width:'+tWidth+';height:'+tHeight+';overflow:hidden;background-color:'+tcolour+'"'; if (moStop) tick += ' onmouseover="cps=0" onmouseout="cps=tSpeed"'; tick +='><div id="mq" style="position:absolute;left:0px;top:0px;font-family:'+fontfamily+';font-size:'+12+'px;white-space:nowrap;"><\/div><\/div>'; document.getElementById('ticker').innerHTML = tick; mq = document.getElementById("mq"); mq.style.left=(parseInt(tWidth)+10)+"px"; mq.innerHTML='<span id="tx">'+content+'<\/span>'; aw = document.getElementById("tx").offsetWidth; lefttime=setInterval("scrollticker()",50);}} function scrollticker(){mq.style.left = (parseInt(mq.style.left)>(-10 - aw)) ?parseInt(mq.style.left)-cps+"px" : parseInt(tWidth)+10+"px";} window.onload=startticker;

<div id="ticker"></div>