Hi, All.

I recently installed Symphony locally on my laptop (running XAMPP as a local server), and am testing it out as a potential CMS solution. The hope is that I can use it to publish to my own personal site and also offer it as a CMS solution to clients.

The upside is that it is based on opensource tech (PHP and MySQL) and uses web standards (XML and XSLT).

The downside is that it uses XML and XSLT - for me at least, that means a HUGE learning curve.

Before I get too deep into learning Symphony, therefore, I was hoping perhaps I could elicit some feedback from users here.

Anybody using Symphony? Is it robust enough to be used for more than just blogging? Can it be a true CMS solution for clients - meaning, can I install it, set it up, give the client a (quick) training, and then leave them to handle the basic day-to-day content management needs including:
* updating and adding new content such as articles
* posting content to specific sections of the site
* adding new sections to the site
* swapping images, etc?

Even more specific, is anybody aware of WYSIWYG add-ons for Symphony that would give the client access to MS Word-like formatting tools (as is available with other standard but paid-for CMS solutions).

Any thoughts and opinions are welcome!