First, my apologies if this is the wrong place to post this -- I just thought this issue was more applicable to development than pure design.

Second, a disclaimer: the table I'm about to ask about is *for* tabular data. We're not going to rewrite it to use DIVs.

Now to the question... I've got a table that contains a set of values, some of which are text, some of which are numeric, and some of which are items represented by small images (e.g., an image of a checkmark or X to indicate Boolean values). Sorting on the text & numeric values is no problem; the developers do it throughout the app. But I've got an analyst asking me how the sort on the images would work.

I'm the UI designer; knowledgeable about HTML/JS, not about .NET. I know that it's possible -- I've seen it elsewhere -- but I don't know the mechanics well enough to assure the analyst that it is indeed possible. So... does standard/common .NET sorting logic automatically sort on, say, the names of images? On ALT text? Should we "hide" a background-colored letter in the column for it to use in sorting?

Guidance is appreciated...