hi, i want to use a link instead of a submit button to go to the next page...

pls go to this page:

i want to go to the next page by just clicking the questions. i will delete off the radion button and the submit button.

the problem i'm facing is, i can't pass thevalue of the select box (Number of questions). if i choose 20, it will only show me to 10 questions.

how can i solve that problem?? someone suggest me to use java script:document.FORMNAME.submit();

how am i going to use that?

my form is like this:

PHP Code:
print "<form action=\"$script\" method=\"post\">\n"
and my link (to be clicked to go to another page):

PHP Code:
print "<td bgcolor=$table_color_2 width=90%><font face=\"$font_face\" color=\"$font_color\" size=2><a href=\"script?quiz=$quiz_id\"><b>$quiz_name</b><br><font size=1>$quiz_desc</font></font></a></td>"
pls advice...