Ok. My site has been growing quite a bit recently and it seems that due to a lack of initial planning...(ya, I'm an idiot) the articles are spread out with links here and there and everywhere.

In an effort to clean things up and keep the menu/navigation simpler, I'd like to offer only 3 or four main links off the home page, and then branch out from there. The problem is that the site is .... well.... it's kind of different. It a humour-based site with absolutely no common theme between the articles. They're just random thoughts that I've been writing over the last few months that now exceed over 40 pages! Hey, it's not that bad. I get over 1,000 unique visitors a day! I just wish I could actually make money off it.

Anyway, I blather on. If you have a knack for organizing the unorganizable (phew, *that's* a mouthfull!) please feel free to suggest a method or system that could help. The site is http://www.gimmeabuck.com

Thanks in advance,
Henri Straforelli

www.gimmeabuck.com <-- Have you given me a buck yet!?