When making my new website (which is WAYYY beyond what I have ever done in any of my sites before) I created a sort of forum and script and CMS with loads of extra features in one.

It basiclly has:
Forum BASED on phpbb but with MAJOR changes and improvements. Eg favourite topic list as standard and more.

Can add content to any section of the site without knowing any HTML.

Ratings for any page on your site. I think my rating system works better than every other one I have looked at. All others have few features and cant go back if someone enters a 0 out of hate - mine can go back and take out the 0 without edditting any other votes.

Comments for any page on your site.

News can be displayed either in header or sidebar

Users can add pages to thier site "favourites"

Contact form gets sent to DB.

All admin stuff (adding content, checking messages etc) can be done from an admin panel.

Do you think I could sell this script? I think it is quite good but not sure what to do. Any advice?