I've seen lots of discussions here about CMS, but I've been searching high and low for a system that meets some specific requirements. Unfortunately, I seem to be coming up empty, so I thought I'd ask here in case I'm missing something.

I've been looking at all the usual suspects, Joomla, Drupal, vBAdvanced, etc, and Joomla does have the best looking templates and most user friendly admin.

However, everything I've been looking at seems to be lacking some very important features IMHO. I've been running a site for about 5 years and I want to make it easier to maintain, and also easier to make some money with. In order to do this I need three main things:
  • an Ad Management system that supports banner and text ads, integrated payments, and the ability to let clients self-manage their campaigns
  • a business directory that supports free and paid listings, category searches by location, listing renewal notifications by email, auto-removal of listings that are not renewed, image galleries, map links, etc.
  • vBulletin integration including user groups and paid subscriptions.
I think these are really basic and essential features for just about any site, but no one seems to be providing anything that meets these requirements. Joomla with the SOBI business directory and bbPixel for VB integration seems to come closest, but it is still acking some very important functionality.

Thanks and any input would be much appreciated.