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    java script:document.FORMNAME.submit();

    hi, i want to use a link instead of a submit button to go to the next page...

    pls go to this page:

    i want to go to the next page by just clicking the questions. i will delete off the radion button and the submit button.

    the problem i'm facing is, i can't pass thevalue of the select box (Number of questions). if i choose 20, it will only show me to 10 questions.

    how can i solve that problem?? someone suggest me to use java script:document.FORMNAME.submit();

    how am i going to use that?

    my form is like this:

    PHP Code:
    print "<form action=\"$script\" method=\"post\">\n"
    and my link (to be clicked to go to another page):

    PHP Code:
    print "<td bgcolor=$table_color_2 width=90%><font face=\"$font_face\" color=\"$font_color\" size=2><a href=\"script?quiz=$quiz_id\"><b>$quiz_name</b><br><font size=1>$quiz_desc</font></font></a></td>"
    pls advice...

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    it is pretty easy
    Be carefull javascript is case sensitive
    <A href="javascript:document.nameofform.submit()">Submit</A>

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    Hi joyce,

    Let me get this straight. You want to eliminate both the radio button and the submit button, leaving only the selection list. And upon changing the selection or pressing a link, going to a new page or submitting a form? Which?

    If the selection list is the only element in the form, you can go to a new page with:

    <select ...onchange="this.location = this.options[this.selectedIndex].value">
    <option value='somepage.php?10'>10</option>
    <option value='somepage.php?20'>20</option>
    <option value='somepage.php?30'>30</option>

    if you want to use a link instead of the onChange:

    1) do not insert the onChange
    2) <a href ="#" onClick="doIt(this.form)"....
    3) within the function doIt(formObj), loop through the selection list, find the selected option, then this.location= it

    If there are more than one element in the form and you need its value, you would add them to url as I did the option's value. You can use to parse the value from the location.href on the new page.

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