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    Proxy Server Farm

    We need to frequently PING search engines to check for ranking. Any recommandations for using proxies so that our IPs don't get blocked all the time?

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    Shouldn't it be titled How to use anonymous proxy servers?

    I'm thinking you want to use anonymous proxy servers not setup a proxy server farm.

    No one is going let you use free proxies for what you plan. Even free proxies are going limit your requests. Some even have captchas setup.

    Your best bet is to contact the website and pay to get a particular service.

    Or create a trojan and disparse them across the web .... this might not be bad idea as you can begin to use them for other things. -- But o this is getting into areas i am unfamiliar with.

    Now that we are in the discussion of proxy server farms. Any one setup proxy servers to stream video.

    One of my goals in my near future is to do just that.
    An anonymous user would login. I'll will then put the session in a db.
    Before the proxy server gives the user access to the resource a script will fire that asks the db if the anonymous user is authenticated .. if so the proxy server will allow the resource to pass through ..else resource is blocked.

    Also the proxy server is sending a live feed so how can i force the proxy to authenticate the user every 5 minutes?

    I"m updating camera access every 3 minutes.

    anyone know how i can accomplish this. what apache mods or bsd projects out there.

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