Hi All
I need to build a site that will have a database with some php code handling all the work.
The layout will be based on a design of the companys print catalog.
And the Print design isnt ready. So I need to start working on the php code already.
I was thinking of whipping together a site in dreamweaver with some tables etc just to place all the elements and links and so on, and then have someone write the php code I need.I would then test the system and later as the design is ready, layout the actual site with css, then have the coder attach the code tto the new site.
Can anyone estimate is that a method that will end up wasting time and effort as the eventual site will be done in css with no tables if possible?
I mean I understand that some php code will surely have to look different but how big will the difference be, wil it be worth it?

I would appreciate any advice.