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    Kev's PHP/MySQL/Session Question

    Everything worked out for me for this tutorial. I mostly copied and pasted of course, but I fixed all the connect stuff. Also I was looking around trying to see how it works more.

    The one thing I can't get is on the last page of the tutorial it says you can make options where they can change their passwords. Well, how would I do that? Also it says some other things. If anyone has done this or could do this it would be VERY helpfull!

    Thanks in advance and happy holidays!
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    I put this together...unfortunately I am not at my normal computer and have no FTP access so can't show you the source code. But it goes along the lines of supplying a text field for them to change their password, they reload the page and an if(isset) checks it. But you have to be careful about unregistering the session and then reregistering it in the same operation in order to keep your users logged in. If you haven't written it in a week, I'll show you my code (when I am back from holiday!)
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