I'm looking for some type of web based solution for this that would work in a linux environment such as php. Anything really as long as it works and doesnt rely on something like windows.

Basically I want to create a website that allows user to upload both videos and images. Looking for an opensource script that already contains these features and i can just create mods for it myself. The script could be free or have a purchase fee, as long as it has an option to remove the "powered by" on the footer. I don't mind paying extra for this.

I need the following features, not all but most:

- User Registration
- Comment System
- Image Uploads
- Video Uploads. (This needs to allow me to use a flash player to display the video on the website)
- SEO (This is a must)
- Active development. (Nothing 3 years old with no update, and nothing with unactive user community)
- Customizable Template

Thats basically all i need, even willing to purchase a script that has half those features as long as there's mods availible that provide the rest of the features. Not really looking for users to have their own profiles or anything.

Does anyone know of a script that I can use? Thank you in advance for your replies.

If the script is not opensource, it needs to atleast have a way to create mods for it.