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    Question javascript : general starting-off questions


    great site here that i just discovered recently.

    I am getting into actual javascript (before i sort of used it here and there, not understanding it completely).

    I have two general questions:

    A) What is by your opinion, the best (preferably free) software that is a javascript (and html/css) editor that automatically has options some up while you are writing?( and possibly has somewhat of a visual button pressing interface?)

    B)I am trying to create a simple page where pressing a link in box A and box B change the written content in box C. What are some key words and ideas that I should lookup to get a handle on something like this? I have a general understanding of programming, but I am getting lost in the details with this problem for now (didnt get too far yet).

    thanks for any help,

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    for the editor google for wysiwyg
    and for the change content of some other elemnt use
    onclick="document.getElementbyId("objectId").innerHTML = "something"


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