Something else you have to look out for in WYSIWYG tools like FrontPage are browser-specific features. Frontpage, for example, offers you features that rely on your visitors using Internet Explorer to view them properly.

It's not that they couldn't be done in a Netscape-compatible manner, it's that Microsoft as a browser vendor has an interest in making Web pages look best in their own browser, so their Web editor will obviously produce pages that do.

That's why if I were to use a WYSIWYG editor (I never have -- I learned HTML as a hobby so nothing was time-critical and now that it's my job I'm at the point where I can code faster by hand), I'd go for DreamWeaver. Macromedia isn't a browser vendor. Their interest lies in producing pages that look great on as many browsers as possible, and it shows.

-Kevin Yank.
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