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    midnight coder
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    What should be in a proposal?

    Last week, a client requested a computer products shopping site, dynamic, with shopping carts, etc.

    This is the first project that we got that involves an actual business site. The projects before were not necessarily easier jobs, but they were for associations and schools, not one that the owner expects to earn money from.

    In the last meeting, we gone a list of features he wanted, and a basic specification, and right now we have completed a few concepts, ready to show him in our meeting next week.

    In the meeting, we'll be giving him our proposal, and an estimate to the cost of the project.

    What should be included in the proposal? For our previous projects, we've said things like reviewed the specification, and described in details the various features the site will have. Plus write about how those features can be a benefit to him.

    We also leads them through the process of the project, like planning, design, develop, and promote, so the client has an idea of what's going on. We will probably include a time frame, and a rough timeline of when key points takes place.

    Should we include the technical things about the project? Such as the use of PHP/MySQL and database structures, are they important things a client wants to know?

    What things should be included in a proposal? What are other things that I should remember during the development of hte site? This is our first business site, so we want to make sure we get it done right.

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    Re: What should be in a proposal?

    Originally posted by Robo
    Should we include the technical things about the project? Such as the use of PHP/MySQL and database structures, are they important things a client wants to know?
    i think instead of telling the clients that you will use PHP/MySQL and database structures,

    you better tell them the benefits and advantages that they will gain from using it
    it's a matter of time

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    wow, glad i'm back,it's been long since i was able to catch a breath and visit this site...>work overload.

    Anyway, Robo...I believe a brief proposal should basically include the following:
    (there might be some missing points...but i guess i got most covered)

    1. Project title

    2. Introduction on your company's activities that could be helpful to your client.

    3. a brief on the project you're gonna do for your new client, which includes:
    - Idea summary.
    - General project Specifications and requirements.(you might want to squeeze your development process "briefly" in there "optional")
    - Technologies you'll be using to create, design and develp the project (how you'll use a specific technology...i.e.PHP...and why you chose this tech. over others....etc)

    4. Other data, which includes:
    - Estimated costs of the project.
    - Estimated time schedule
    - Market and general advantages of the project.

    5. Parties' roles (your role and your client's role (i.e. funding)

    it's a good idea that your roposal doesn't exceed 4 pages.

    hope that helped,
    cya around

    Glad to be BACK

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    Here are some things that I've included:

    Web Site Design and Development Consulting Services Agreement

    This Agreement is between Maria's Place, hereinafter referred to as Consultant and the Client as identified below, to include and define the web site design and development consulting services as identified below.

    Client Information
    Company Name:Contact Person:
    Home Address: City, State: Postal/Country Code:
    Home Phone: Office Phone:
    VoiceMail: CellPhone:
    Fax: Page:

    Website Information
    Web Site: Email:
    Content Deadline: Web Site Deadline: ______- days from the date all content is received
    Content Expert: Web Developer:
    Phone: E-mail:

    Client Provides

    Web site Development Costs
    Website Development Costs
    Item Description QTY Unit Price Subtotal


    Client Shall Be Billed Client Additional Services
    50% Down and 50% at Completion __________ Client agrees to pay Maria's Place for services rendered within twenty days of Invoice Date. 15% per month finance charge will be paid thereafter._________________Clients Initials Monthly Maintenance Services___________
    25% Down and 25% Monthly __________ Monthly Hosting Services___________
    Client has received pricing sheet_________________ Other: ___________

    Term Length and Governing Bodies: This Agreement shall be in full force and effect until such time as it is terminated and shall be governed by the laws of the State of Washington.

    Web Site Completion Date Agreement: The above Web site deadline date represents our best estimate for when the Web site can be completed and fully functional. This date assumes that the client delivers the content for the Web site on or before the content deadline date. The client’s failure to deliver the content in an electronic format by the content deadline date can cause delays up to 90 days following content delivery.

    Entire Agreement: This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the Parties and no oral statements shall be binding. There are no other representations or agreements except as herein provided. It is the intention of the Parties herein that if any part of this Agreement is invalid, for any reason, such invalidity shall not void the remainder of the Agreement.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused these presents to be signed in person the day and year first above written.

    _______________________________________ _______________________________________
    Client Signature Date Maria's Place Signature Date


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