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    How to align the content in the following content

    I want to avoid horizontal scrolling on the following page,How can I do this using html tables?

    HTML Code:
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
    <html xmlns="">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
    <title>Untitled Document</title>
    <style type="text/css">
    #content { margin-left: 20px;;}
    <h1> This Website is under construction... Please visit us soon for update </h1>
    <div id="content">
    Al-Basheer for Development and Creativity “BALAD”<br />
    Al-Masyoun Street,<br />
    Near the Palestinian Legislation Council<br />
    Ramallah<br />
    Tele-Fax: (00972) 2975769<br />
    <b>WHO WE ARE?</b>
    Al-Basheer for Development & Creativity (BALAD) is a Palestinian non-governmental non-partisan independent institution dedicated to fostering democracy, human rights, gender equity, sustainable development, modernity, creative thinking, and good governance in the Palestinian society. 
    Established in 2006, located in the City of Ramallah / Palestine, by an initiative of a group of Palestinians working in the areas of development, democracy, human rights, governance, and private sector, Balad’s aspiration is to contribute to the development of a free Palestinian society in free, independent democratic and economically viable Palestinian state. Such an aspiration achieved through promoting and reinforcing the values of democracy, social justice, political partnership good governance, human rights, gender equity, sustainable development, modernity, and creative thinking, tolerance and acceptance of the other. Balad undertakes a pro-active role in serving as a Palestinian platform guided by the principles of those values, by raising public awareness and disseminates relevant information that would introduce the public opinion to those values; and by offering educative, operative and significant services and development programmes that serve Balad’s mission and goals.
    Al-Basheer for Development and Creativity (Balad) seeks to mold a contemporary Palestinian vision toward the fundamentals in Palestinian life; such as National aspirations, development, sustainability, good governance, the basic freedoms, democratization of Palestinian political life. By formulating long and short-term policies, strategies and action plans that deal with these issues through diagnosing and anticipating the future, drawing up applicable solutions and contingent choices for a better future for the Palestinian society. Balad attempts to implement these programmes by networking with like-minded people and organizations locally, regionally and internationally.
    <b>OUR GOALS</b>
    1. Fostering democracy, freedom, human rights, gender equity, sustainable development, modernity, creative thinking, and good governance in the Palestinian society. 
    2. Empowering Palestinian women and youth leaders in different fields and promoting the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.
    3. Contributing in the process of capacity building of the Palestinian people to boost their economic life in a sustainable process.
    4.Developing and reinforcing the notions of collective and voluntary work, democratic dialogue among the different Palestinian political groups and societal sectors
    5. Networking with the democratic national organizations and associations that share Balad convictions and believes.  
    6. Developing the notions of dialogue, and the acceptance of the others, and promoting cultural dialogue and any other form of dialogue in the framework of dialogue between civilizations locally, regionally and internationally  
    <b>WORKING TOOLS</b>
    •Informative and media campaigns (brochures, radio programs/spots, leaflets…etc)
    •Study tours, experiences and knowledge exchange
    •Researches & others’ experiences studies
    •Forming lobbies capable of change within pre-determined policies framework
    •Democracy and Dialogue 
    •Good governance
    •Human rights and social justice
    •Political and party life 
    •Monitoring and accountability
    •Youth and women empowerment and capacity Building
    •citizenship values
    •Voluntary work
    •Acceptance of the Other
    •Freedom of expression
    •Build up bridges with locally, regionally and internationally.
    •Participate in forums and activities that would enhance dialogue between civilizations for the common good of humanity.  
    1.Women sector
    2.Youth sector
    3.Children sector
    6.Politicians (junior & senior)
    Our main focus is to strengthen and ensure the development of the marginalzed soceital sectors. 
    By exploring the needs of our society, we desgin and execute programs and projects that aim at empowering the involved sectors and provide them wit the potentials to self-sufficient and sustainable livelihoods. 
    On the other hand, we will work vigorously to reinforce the trends for establishing a democratic institutionalized state by a community that understands and respects notions of freedom, dialogue, justice and acceptance of the other.
    It is the belief and faith is our people’s potentials and capacities that constitute our main asset. Hence, unless direct contact and cooperation with the people we cannot reach the goals and ambitions we draw for ourselves. 
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    Revolutionary as it may seem, you could try setting a width on your main div "content" in the stylesheet.

    You then have lots of choices to play with, explored in countless very recent threads - fixed width(px) or liquid(%) or liquid with min-width and max-width; support 800px width or 1024. The choice is yours.

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    I already showed you how to do this using CSS. You have to use a proper document structure.

    Also, I know you're also just copying/pasting from Word. If you're using a program like Dreamweaver, you can have it "remove Word HTML" and "strip" the excess code, then just drop it into the program in design view.


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