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    Red face Is 2.0 or Blog a Fab?

    I notice that there is a lot of blog and web 2.0 network been setup for the past 2 years.

    I feel kinda skeptical about it. In the sense that, the internet is becoming a giantic forum. People talk, gather , share information and advertise together. Well, I am not against that. I just feel that internet should be more than that.

    Because of the fab in 2.0, a lot of new idea seem to be directed in that direction. What about site that provide service? Services in term of real products, like threadless, cafepress and etic.

    I just fear that it will be going to be a bubble. In a good way, there will be a new opportunity.

    What is your point of view?

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    Blogging is just a word for something we've been doing forever, which is creating content. So, it's not a fad.

    I'm not sure if you are talking about website networks when you say web 2.0 network, but associated networks of sites have been in existence long before web 2.0 was coined. Sites owned by the same company or person or otherwise associated will be linked together and will share their combined resolves.

    So, these are just things we were already doing. They may be given new names or whatever, but we're still doing the same or similar things.

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    If you want to read more about web 2.0, then I recommend this article:

    Imho it is completly different then what we were already doing.
    It's all about participation.
    The more participants, the better the service you'll get.

    But not everything will be 100% "Web 2.0".
    There will always be websites like the ones you mentioned (cafepress, e-shops,...).
    But they could always add certain web 2.0 features.
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