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    How easy is it to upgrade Joomla

    I have been using Zen Cart for a wile now and each time they upgrade I have a horrible time performing it. I always end up customizing it and that creates problems.

    So Now I'm building an CMS site and I was going to use Joomla. I'm also looking into MODx.

    So anyway how easy is it to upgrade Joomla when a new version is released? I know they are just about to release one. Should I wait till they do or just go ahead and begin with the current one and upgrade later?
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    I haven't used ZenCart or Joomla, so I'm not the best source of info for this I guess, but I have a phpBB forum and a WordPress blog.
    I imagine the difficulty associated with upgrading is proportional to the amount of modifications you've made to the "vanilla" install. I have heavily modified both my forum and blog, so I'm not looking forward to the time when I need to upgrade them. It may be just a matter of re-installing the same MODs and plug-ins (which I have made detailed records of for just such an event). Or it may be trickier if some of them "break" in the upgraded version. Similiar to the way some of Firefoxe's extensions no longer work in ver. 2.0
    Just the same, if you're certain that you're going to use Joomla, I would download it anyway just to look at the source and get a feel for how it works. But if the new version will be out soon, it may be better to wait before actually using it so you won't have to do the same modifications over again so soon.


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