I'm using the method described here


to change the ssi's I originally did as php / .inc. Worked beautifully for the pages in the root folder, using

<!--#include file="ssi-mainheader1.html" -->

to call the include, and an .htaccess file that says "AddType text/x-server-parsed-html .html" to get around the .shtml thing. Just like it said in the article.

But, when I go to change pages in subfolders, I can't get the include right. I thought it would be <!--#include file="../ssi-mainheader1.html" -->, but I get a processing error on the page. I tried using the same include as on the root pages, I tried <!--#include file='../ssi-mainheader1.html' -->, I tried the absolute path of <!--#include file="www.mainsite.com/ssi-mainheader1.html" -->, still got nowhere. I even tried moving the .htaccess file into the subfolder.

I finally loaded the include files into each subfolder, but that kind of defeats the purpose of using an include. Help! I'm sure the correct command exists, but I can't find it. As you can tell, I am pretty much a noob, learning as I go. Thanks for any help.