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    Regarding Server Side Includes

    I've been researching better ways to do things in my web design business. I've only had a few jobs, and they're pretty small. But I got to thinking about how sites grow, and I thought about the redundant code for things like navigation, footers, headers, etc., that show up on every page.

    So I suddenly remembered something about SSI that I'd read about a long time ago. The thing that I remembered was, well, that SSI EXISTS!

    So I'm thinking of going ahead and implementing it in my sites, to make maintenance easier.

    Has anyone had any problems using SSI? Escpecially within the context of creating standards compliant websites. Any and all advice/experiences/thoughts are appreciated.
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    Since SSI has no affect on HTML as it is parsed on the server before user-agents see it, it won't affect standards compliance at all.


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