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Thread: Help Please!

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    Help Please!

    Hi Guys. Im doing an assignment and im having major problems on 2 pages.
    The pages im having problems on are 3 and 4 ill paste the assignment specs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    Page #3 – Membership form – filename: membership.html
    On this page, you are expected to implement a membership form that will collect information about new customers. The customer information and validation rules needed are described here:
    • First name – Text box with 1-20 characters. Cannot be left empty.
    • Surname – Text box with 1-20 characters. Cannot be left empty.
    • Full Address – Text area. Cannot be left empty.
    • Age – Pull down menu with four options: 0-17, 18-35, 36-55, 55+. A default option must be present with text “Select Age” and this cannot be selected when the form is submitted.
    • Gender – Radio buttons with the options “Male” and “Female”.
    • Email address – Text box with 1-50 characters. It cannot be left empty and must include an ‘@’ character.
    • Mailing list subscription – A check box with option “Yes” that the user can select if they wish to receive monthly emails about the latest offers at the bookshop.
    Additionally, your form should include “Submit” and “Reset” buttons. Form submission should be aborted if any of the above validation rules is not met and the user should receive appropriate feedback with an alert box. When all information is valid, the user receives a “Thankyou for completing the membership form” alert box and is then returned to the homepage.

    Page #4 – Order form – filename: order.html
    On this page, you are expected to implement a book order form. This form will facilitate the ordering of five different books and will be laid out as follows:

    Name Quantity Price Subtotal
    Book 1 0 $9.95 $0.00
    Book 2 0 $98.95 $0.00
    Book 3 0 $105.95 $0.00
    Book 4 0 $24.95 $0.00
    Book 5 0 $2.00 $0.00
    Total $0.00

    The final three columns include text boxes. The text boxes in the “Quantity” column are the only editable ones. When this information is updated, the subtotal and total information should be updated appropriately. You need to ensure that the quantity information is only numeric and falls within a sensible range. The book name and price information is up to you.
    Additionally, you should include “Submit” and “Reset” buttons. When a valid form is submitted, the user receives a “Thankyou for your order” alert box and is then returned to the homepage.

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    I don't think you'll have much luck finding people to do your homework for you. Why don't you have a stab at it and when you really get stuck, then ask for help (after using google to search for solutions to your problem)?

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    Read up on forms here.


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