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Thread: ASP.NET restart

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    ASP.NET restart

    I was wondering if anybody knows of a method to restart an ASP.NET application without restarting the IIS service. I have had luck resaving the web.config file to trick the web server into thinking a change has been to the app. However I do not want my client opening up the web.config file. Can anyone suggest of a better way to accomplish this task?



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    There are two options here: ASP.NET 2.0 has a some builtin support to recycle the app domain. Or you can write a method to "touch" your app.config file. The former requires full trust (ie: it is not generally supported on shared web hosts) whereas the latter requires write access from the web service account to the web.config file (a bad idea, but usually allowed on shared hosts).

    Unfortunately, there was a blog post recently with code and such, but I can't seem to find it.

    I would also add that you really should not ever need to recycle an ASP.NET application. I tend to set mine up to never recycle from an IIS standpoint and have had no problems with sometimes months long uptimes. In fact, the only reason uptimes have not been longer are because of microsoft patches.


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