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    How Should I MarkUP this page?

    There are three pages I'm trying to markup. I'm trying to understand what is the correct way of doing it.

    Markup1 image:

    1) The opening statement Frankin Primary Health Center, Inc will have the <h1> tag. I will also use <h1> tag for Notice of Privacy Practices.

    2) Should I use STRONG for The part that starts, "THIS NOTICE DESCRIBES..." Or should simply use CSS and make the text bold?

    3) I know the Address tag is not used for all addresses. Do I HAVE TO USE IT when it is appropriate? I would rather just ignore it.

    4) "For More Information, Please,..." and "Our Responsibilities:" I'm using <h2> tags.

    5) Of course for the list, i'm using a list.

    Markup 2 image:

    1) Top heading is <h2>

    2) The next heading, "For Treatment." Is it REQUIRED TO BE <h3> since it follows <h2> or can i use <h5> since it is closer to the size that i need?

    3) About same heading types, as correctly understood in English, the PERIOD at the end of the heading SHOULD NOT be underlined. Can i place my <h3> or <h5> tag as follows?

    <h3>For Payment</h3>.
    Notice that the period is placed outside the <h3> tag. The problem is that the period will also not be bold as it appears in the Markup2 page. So the period will not be underlined nor will it be bold. I would rather it not be bold than for it to be underlined. That just looks tacky to me.

    4) If i use an <h3> heading for same type headings, would it be wrong to make the <h3> and <p> tags appear inline? I know i can NOT place the <h3> tag inside the <p> tag element so... I guess the only solution is to place it beside the <p> tag element but make it appear inline.

    MarkUp 3 image:

    1) The date "April 14, 2003" is in bold in the Markup3 page. Should i use STRONG, use CSS, or bold? I assume Strong.

    2) The paragraph beneathe "Right to Request Restrictions," starting with a bold "We are not required..." This statement should also be in STRONG right?

    Thanks very much!
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