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    Thumbnail of a webpage

    I have been wondering is it possible to generate thumbnails of websites (let's say size 150x150px) with javascript AND without images (I mean I'm not looking for an image "screenshot" of a webpage)?

    Something like I have 150x150px div and inside that div it would show for example, of course in a smaller size so that it fits to the 150px width. I know the pages height usually can't fit to the 150px, but it would be enough to show as much as fits to the 150px from top of the page (pages has usually more height than width).

    I think I'm looking for somekind of javascript "resizer". Any suggestions?

    PS. In that page is the thumbnail generator and that kind of functionality I'm looking for, BUT the image thumbnail replaced with a live content from a target website shown in a div.


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    I don't think it will happen to be honest, your best off using a server side technology to render the page, take a screenshot of the page and then send it to the browser at 150x150px.


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