My 2 programmers for my company are M.I.A. and I need to complete my companies web site ASAP.
The scripts I need are as follows:
- A rollover function for the left navigation bar.

- Visit, see how they have today's news and download's over to the right? I want something like that for my site to be in the same area. The headers will be Server Status & Company News. Also need them to be fool proof for when my partners are updating news where we can easily put the news teaser and a link in there.

- I also need some type of code for our hosting agreement form. I need it to confirm they entered a valid e-mail and also that they checked the I accept terms and Conditions ( before hitting submit.

Thank you in advance for your help. If you are on ICQ, drop me a note at 124618228 in case you have any questions.

If any of you need a job as a programmer and want to do some java work for my company once we start doing regular sites then drop me an e-mail.