So, I pretty much had masterd the 3 column layout design I was using (ok, well not exactly mastered, but took an example layout and made it my own). Instead of tables, I now had a CSS document doing the work, and pHp templates to ad content that was global, with only the center content being different.

Then it hit me. This was still too limiting. All I had really done was clean up the layout, and make the entire thing more efficient. As I began to look over everything I wanted to do, and everything I thought it could be, I found that my approach to the problem, while correct, was not the best way.

Then I stumbled upon this...

And I thought about how it's layout is exactly what I was looking for and needed. And I wondered if I could acheive a simular look, only using CSS. I do not want EXACTLY what it has, but I want more than a 3-columd design. I believe the current page they have is using both CSS and tables.

So my questions are:

1. Can that sites layout be done with just CSS? I mean the overall design, not the content, that would be another story.

2. Is there any form of CSS API?