Hi i have recently found that the safari browser has problems rendering dynamic menus (those created by js or using css hover) when the menus are positioned over active x controls (such as Flash). I have seen many examples of menus flickering on websites, but no solutions. Until now, i think.

this website: www.steelcase.com has dynamic menus, and from what i can tell, the flicker bug doesn't happen in safari. I have taken a quick look at the code, and don't see anything out of the ordinary, except i don't recognize the code that they use to embed the flash (to bypass the active X extra click in IE).

Since i am on a PC all day at work, and can not troubleshoot MAC browser issues, can someone answer these questions:

1) Can anyone identify what SWF embedding technique they are using?
2) Is anyone seeing the Flickering menu problem that Safari sometimes gets when viewing dhtml over flash?

thanks for any light you can shed on this.