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    css pop-out menu; does it require javascript? Thoughts?

    Good Day All,

    Is javascript in conjunction required to get a pop-out menu using css to work properly?

    I've been working at this for two weeks, and gone through several on-line tutorials, and while I've been able to position the pop-out in its appropriate spot, when I add the display:none it disappears and the subsequent mark-up/css which is supposed to pull it out when one hovers over the appropriate link, nothing happens.

    I've seen several tutorials online that stated one still needs javascript to get the pop-out to act correctly, but even though some of the tutorials I attempted include the "supposed" javascript, I still don't get the expected results; does anybody have any thoughts on what I am doing incorrectly? Thanks.

    Here is a link to the main page: and I've also included in a txt document of the css, in hopes that these will aid any and all with their thoughts on how to get this to function properly.

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    Pure CSS based menus will work in every modern browser save for Internet Explorer 5, 5.5 and 6. For those, you'll have to use either JavaScript or a .htc file (it's essentially a script that is contained in its own file which is called by a stylesheet).

    Have you tried by any chance?


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