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    Is it even slightly possible that the Netscape corp. is in the habit of throwing away their assets in relation to their software, and starting again from the very start every time they build a new program ?

    Has anyone else noted that, say, NN4.04 is actually, in some ways, better than 4.08 ?
    Surly Netscape doesn't start their build from the bottom up every time they build a new browser ?!

    I do, however, also find it hard to beleive that they remove funtionality from their products as well....

    Can anyone explain how a later release of the same product, can be worse than the one before it ?

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    The only time they restarted from scratch is with Netscape 6. There is a possibility that when you release a new version of a heavily patched and upgraded product the new features conflict with old and cause bugs. Also about the time your talking about, Netscape was purchased by AOL and a lot of new programmers were added to the team. In my personal experience though, Netscape has improved with each version. Currently both 4.7 and 6pr1 are what I have installed on my machine.

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