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    QuerryString passes to link as directory

    Hi everyone.

    I searched the forum for this and it is likely out there if I knew the right terms to search for.

    I want to pass the value of the querrystring "foo" on to a link as a directory.

    the link to becomes

    This doesn't quite work.
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting T_VARIABLE or '$' in link.php on line 4

    PHP Code:

    echo '<a href="'urlencode($), '">Next page</a>';


    Thanks in advance

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    ah, seems you're a new guy to php.

    you have to name the variable, not just put a $.

    therefore, your code will be (simplified and to PHP standards as i know them)
    PHP Code:
    $nextpage = urlencode($_GET['foo']);
    echo "<a href=\"$nextpage\">next page</a>";
    Jake Arkinstall
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