Ok... so I'm designing a new high school website and have it almost done. Here's the progress:

I'm trying to add a dropdown menu on the rightmost column under the calendar that will have a list of teachers and automatically redirect to each of their individual pages.

I added this code in the head
<script language="javascript">
function go() {
	box = document.forms[0].url;
	destination = box.options[box.selectedIndex].value;
	if (destination) location.href = destination;
And this in the 3rd column
	<form method="post" action="/">
		<fieldset style="border:none;">

		<label id="stafflist"><select name="url" onchange="go();">
			<option value="">---</option>
			<option value="http://msat1.es-msat.org/~calmasy">Almasy, Corey</option>
			<option value="http://msat1.es-msat.org/~tbanks">Banks, Tiffani</option>
			<option value="http://msat1.es-msat.org/~aharris">Cala, Lexie</option>
			<option value="http://msat1.es-msat.org/~tcurran">Curran, Ted</option>
			<option value="http://msat1.es-msat.org/~amiller">Dossat, Alyssa</option>
			<option value="http://msat1.es-msat.org/~aharris">Harris, Tony</option>
			<option value="http://msat1.es-msat.org/~jhorowitz">Horowitz, Josh</option>
			<option value="http://msat1.es-msat.org/~dhyatt">Hyatt, Donna</option>
			<option value="http://msat1.es-msat.org/~skinney">Kinney, Steve</option>
			<option value="http://msat1.es-msat.org/~mfung">Lee, Melissa</option>
			<option value="http://msat1.es-msat.org/~jmurphy">Murphy, Jason</option>
			<option value="http://msat1.es-msat.org/~mnoyes">Noyes, Meredith</option>
			<option value="http://msat1.es-msat.org/~hcharles">Wells, Heather</option>
			<option value="http://msat1.es-msat.org/~jwells">Wells, Justin</option>
It worked when I mocked up a stripped-down version of the site, but not when it's incorporated into the whole page.

I finally found out that for some reason, it only works when every other form tag is removed from the page. Why is this happening and how can I fix it? I need this fixed ASAP. Thanks.