I've built a simple shopping cart and need to generate the total shipping from the array. Here is code so far.
PHP Code:
while (list($key$val) = each($_SESSION['cart'])) {
$this_item $key;
$this_item_qty $val;
        echo (
'<tr valign="top">');
            echo (
'<td>' $items[$this_item].'</td>');
            echo (
'<td align="right">$');
            echo (
            echo (
            echo (
$this_item_qty) {
$this_item_qty 1;
            echo (
'<td>$'$shipping[$this_item] .'</td>');
$this_line_total $this_item_qty * (number_format($prices[$this_item],2) + $shipping[$this_item]);
            echo (
'<td>$'number_format($this_line_total,2) . '</td>');
        echo (
$total $total $this_line_total;
$shippingtotal // BLAH, BLAH ??
So there may be 2 items listed in the cart, and I'm getting their individual totals with shipping, but want to create a seperate line and output the total charge for shipping alone.