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    It's Your Business!

    The beauty of working for a home party plan or a direct sales company is that it is like having your own business, but you havenít had to create a company, develop programs or manufacture and warehouse merchandise. You can choose the days and hours you work, which means that you have the opportunity to write your own paychecks. How much you earn depends solely on you and on the amount of time and effort you are willing and able to put into your new business.

    For anyone who is used to having a time clock to punch or a boss to tell you what to do, it make take some adjusting of attitudes and habits. You are now your own boss. Yes, there are rules about things you can and cannot do in any home party business. But there will be no one deciding when you should work. That will be up to you and to your family.

    Most people who have been successful in this business will tell you that spending a portion of each day at developing your business is important, even if you have no parties scheduled. But before you get busy, itís just as important that you set guidelines and boundaries for yourself. You probably donít want this business to take over your life. Youíve chosen this because it can mean extra income for you or because you want a new career. But it shouldnít become your life. A successful individual balances career, family, physical activities, spiritual life, etc.

    As you begin booking parties, youíll discover that people like to book with busy people. It makes them think theyíre working with a person who knows the business. So, when youíre scheduling a party, you donít want it to appear that your calendar is totally empty. It is, you say? Then start filling it in.

    If you have decided that you will only be available to do demonstrations on two or three specific days of the week, then highlight them on your calendar. If you already know you wonít ever do a show on Sundays or on Wednesday nights because you attend church or schedule family times then, mark those days out on your calendar.

    Do you bowl or have regular meetings each week? Mark those days on your calendar. Do you have appointments scheduled? Mark those down too. Start making entries on your calendar so it doesnít look so empty.

    Once youíve written all of the appointments and regularly scheduled events on your calendar, make note of how many days are left as available to have parties from now through the end of the year. When you look at it that way, there really arenít that many, are there? So itís time to get motivated about scheduling parties!

    Fortunately, if you explain the programs clearly at your parties and help the guests have fun, you should book parties that way. Most successful home party consultants boast of being able to book at least 2 more at each party, if there are at least 7 people in attendance.

    Most successful consultants also spend time each day with their prospect list (which they update constantly), trying to book more parties.

    When you begin making calls seeking bookings, youíll probably be doing so to with friends, relatives, club members or co-workers. Even so, youíll want to explain the reason for your call from the onset. Many people donít like telemarketing calls, even when they are from friends.

    Later, when you have the opportunity to call people that others may suggest might be interested in hosting a party, youíll want to know the telemarketing laws in your area. Basically, most say that you have to identify yourself and your company right away.

    Donít be shy about booking parties. Remember, one of the great things about home party sales is that most companies give wonderful rewards to the person who is a hostess.

    Ready to fill up that calendar? How much time will you spend growing your business today?

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