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    Designing of Online status indicator

    I have some experience in asp coding and we have a nice "Help Desk" portal in our company. The only thing it's missing is an online indicator, where people can see online availability of other co-workers and so on.

    I want to keep the portal simple as possible.

    We are using MsSQL as database. There are about 10 users who are going to use the online indicator.

    Login is integrated in AD / LDAP.

    I just dont know where to start making of the online indicator?

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    Simplest way:
    - when user logs in, add their name to an array stored in an application variable. When they logout, remove them.
    - display the status of each user from this array on the page you want.

    This is not very accurate. When a user disconnects without logging out, it won't update. You could use session_onend to help this but it still would have a delay of (default) 20 mins.

    A more accurate way would be to use javascript code with ajax that hits a page on the server every x seconds saying "user x is still logged in". then if you don't receive a response for y seconds, you can assume they have logged out.


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