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It's not an advice, I'm just saying that if someone were to do it this would be the procedure.
FICA is not a tax for having a SSN, as if such a thing even could exist. It is an income tax; a mandatory income tax and has nothing to do with whether or not you have an SSN and everything to do with your income. The SSA doesn't even regulate FICA, and they haven't regulated the social security tax since the end of the 30's. The IRS regulates it, it's part of the Internal Revenue Code, and it is classified as an income tax.


The SSA does not require that you accept the benefits, but the IRS requires that you pay for them:

Even if you did not have a SSN, you would still be required to pay FICA. You'd just not be able to collect from the SSA when you retire.

This is why the Amish don't have to pay:

As for canceling your SSN, I have no idea where you read that, but the SSA will not cancel an SSN:

In extenuating circumstances, they may be willing to delete your application, but they will not delete your SSN.

Damn all that info with only 10 minutes of searching. Now who would have thought that the SSA website would have information on Social Security? That's a pretty big jump to make I guess.