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    Set up same email accounts on .com and domains


    My client has a .com domain, which I host for him, along with about 40 email accounts on that domain.

    He wants to set up the version of his domain so that the website just points to the .com version, and all mail is delivered automatically to the equivalent .com account.

    e.g. Email sent to '' will automatically go to ''. Is it possible to do this with the DNS, or do I need to set up a new hosting account and manually create all of the mailboxes for the

    Thanks very much for any help...

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    For the e-mails, you should be able to set up forwarding. So that an e-mail will be sent to the address, but automatically forwarded to the .com address of your choice. You will have to set up each of the addresses manually. How you do this, depends ont he software/site you are using, which I don't know, as you haven't said.

    You should also be able to redirect the website to the .com website. Or just set up an 'A record' for the and have it point to the .com.
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