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    Websites & Subscriptions

    At what point do you feel it's ok to pay for a subscription for a website? What sorts of things must the site offer you upon subscription that you'd be willing to pay for it?

    This is very general, not specificacally a product or anything. I've seen things like, "no ads if you subscribe!". I mean, is that enough to get people to pay for a monthly subscription? What other sort of general ideas are there about paid subscriptions on websites?

    Personnally, I've only ever paid for one site in my life... and that was (for all those videos, such a great deal). But even then, I paid for maybe 3 months and then stopped my sub.

    Are there any websites that delve into the customer'd mindset and their reaction to paid subscriptions for websites? I'm sure others have had to of been concerned about this before...

    Thanks in advance!
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    It depends how "important" your web site is to the consumer.

    If it's geared towards businesses then paying a subscription may be an option.

    The LiveJournal model works better for consumer type applications. They have 3 types of accounts:

    Free - Basic Features
    See Ads - More Features
    Paid Account - All Features + No Ads

    This way they don't turn away users that have no money, but if you want the extra features you can view ads or pay a fee.

    I think this really depends on how "important" your product is to your customer and that will determine if they will pay for it.


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