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Thread: Motherboard

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    Hi all, Im sorry if this is in the wrong section - but I didn't see any place for "Hardware" questions.

    Im going to build a new PC, and I should be fine picking all the parts but the motherboard. Im not too comfortable just picking one as Im not on top of the latest in that area.

    However, I was looking around and came across this one, and was wondering if any of you could tell me what you think of it:

    Thanks for any and all inputs,


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    In my humbe, yet knowledgeable opinion D), it's a greta board. I assume you're building a P4. My concern isn't with the board. Asus are great boards for any CPU. My concern is the cost you're going to pay by going this road. Although 179 ain't bad for the mobo itself, you're looking at the 850 chipset which is the RAMBUS variety. You're going to pay a FORTUNE for Rambus memory and it's not well supported. In additoin, the going cost of the P4 processor is outrageous. Honestly, you can get comparable quality for alot lessm and just a smidgen of performance loss (MINIMAL!) by going with an Athlon or a even a high-end P3. I would venture a guess that you will have a difference of about $250 by buying another Asus, say the A7V/266 Socket-A board and grab yourself an Athlon XP 1600+ and load yourself up with a couple 512 MB DDR Dimms. Truthfully you won't know the difference and you'll have a kickass system.

    Aaron Brazell


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