hey guys....

Looking for some help here. This is the site: www.livingpages.net/elimfellowship/example3.html

username: sitepoint password: forums

I have a 2 javascript files: www.livingpages.net/elimfellowship/menu.js defines the menu and submenu functions, etc.
http://www.livingpages.net/elimfello...menucontext.js defines the contents of the menus.

Can someone help me figure out 3 things:
[list=1][*]How to eliminate the spaces in between each nav item. Only need 2 spaces so I can have 11.5px text.[*]What is the DOM definition for a hoverlink?[*]Why doesn't the submenus appear when I mouseover the nav items?[/list=1]
I lifted this off another site and unfortunately, the site owner is not able to help me as he too lifted it off some script page...who knows where. Can anyone give me a hand with this?

Thanks in advance.