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    How i can use new font in my web pages?

    I heard about using fonts that not installed on users it possible?
    Thanks a lot.

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    I cannot think of any technique that you could rely upon entirely to display a typeface specified by your web page code that is not found on your visitor's system. If, for instance, you were to include a CSS declaration such as this:

     h1 {
         color: #000;
         font: normal large "Frutiger LT Std 55 Roman", "Gill Sans MT", "Myriad Pro", Geneva, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

     .titling {
     color: #333;
     font: larger/1.2 "Adobe Jenson Pro", "Bembo Std", "Granjon LT Std", Georgia, "Times New Roman", serif;
    it would be most unlikely that there would be any visitors able to display those expensive commercial fonts on their computers which appear first in the above declarations, and you would have to resort to including commonly found fonts and generic font families specified at the end as the only alternative.

    There was a method of embedding fonts (mainly TrueType) intended for Microsoft Internet Explorer users only which failed to gain general acceptance on account of its being awkward, slow and requiring font files (.eot) to be downloaded and installed prior to viewing pages sporting such fonts. No serious web designer should rely on such a method, though. However, you can find more about it at .

    If you absolutely must use rare yet feature-rich fonts on your web pages, perhaps you should consider the sIFR 2.0 technique, which uses CSS, JavaScript and Flash to achieve the effect you might be after. You can find all relevant information here: .

    Good luck with your project.
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