I have just absorbed most of Ian Lloyd's book. It is great - educational & lively - and it helped me to build my first website. The thing I like about it is the way it makes everything logical and easy to understand.

I have some questions ( I don't know if Ian sees these...)

1) The title says HTML and then in the preface he says he'll be '...teaching the latest version of HTML, which is called XHTML'. However both terms are then used throughout the book and my gut feeling is that when Ian says he is using XHTML that is a euphemism for well structured HTML. Any comment?

2) I'd like to display a current date on my website. Should I use code in the HTML to do that (which seems to use lots of lines) or should I learn about SSI with PHP (which seems to use one or two lines)? My opinions were formed after searching the Web for possible code. Any comments?