I'm not sure which forum to post this inquiry in...

I have pages in my dynamic content portion of the site (which I am hoping to launch within the next couple weeks to replace static content pages) that display image thumbnails. Clicking on the thumbnail opens a new window that displays the full sized image, along with descriptive text and two navigational arrows that allow you to cycle through the other images in the current group.

Sometimes, when you open the full sized image window, or use one of the navigational controls to view the next image, only the top half of the descriptive text shows up. Refreshing the page, or navigating back to the previous image corrects the display issue, but the issue keeps coming back. Oh, and this problem only seems to come up in internet explorer.

Here's the URL for one of the "thumbnail" pages:


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to correct this ? Should i post this inquiry to a different forum ?