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    "Click to Activate" solution! (AKA: Ugly Box problem)

    So you're here because you find that you have an ugly box around your Flash content when viewing it in Internet Explorer.

    Or you find you need to CLICK TWICE to get any Flash to work properly.

    History of this problem:
    These are a result of Microsoft losing a lawsuit with a company called Eolas. MS decided to not pay for a patent license and instead patched their browser to work in a way that does not infringe on the Eolas patent.

    One Solution:
    Visit and download the "fix" for Flash called "Active Content Update". This fix adds a publishing option, and also a new "Command". You must use this publishing option and use the Command in order to "add" the fix to your HTML page.

    Anyone else: Please add relevant links to other solutions, and perhaps to that older thread which discussed this Eolas mess.
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